New York

I find your intuitive approach to feng shui so intriguing and spot on. Since I saw you, I've been closing out those to-dos that have been hanging over me, some of them for years... it's led me to really take charge of my finances... so much clarity on what I do want.  Thank you for all your guidance!


District of Columbia

I so enjoyed our time Friday, AND hanging out in your radiance, AND your spot-on guidance!  Really, I could go on and on.. I’m so happy and buzzing.  I feel like the wake up call of having my own studio space has, just, turned my shit around!  Like, how did I not make this happen this before?!  Your gifts are magic. 



Complete Accountability & Clean Closets - going to be my best year yet!



After five years of never hearing from my landlord, he suddenly showed up and decided to do all of the repairs I’ve been too scared to ask for!  Looking around at all the work being done this morning, I am in awe of how powerful your modality is…



Enjoying my cozy home.  We did the salt burn the day before our baby was born.  Totally shifted the place in a subtle way.  Rearranged our den - it's making all the difference.  Washed windows, got curtains - we’re swinging!


New York

I feel a distinct sense of calm, joy, and empowerment.


New York

Dude.  I got an all cash offer at ask after the broker’s showing yesterday.  You’re a wizard.


Los Angeles

Our family now believes that our home is part of our miracle... our Phoenix rising from the ashes.



Downloaded the inspiration for the backroom - The Listening Room - a place to unplug, lay on the floor, listen to records & The Universe.  Thank you for your guidance and continued inspiration. 


Las Vegas

It's only been a week and I've already felt a major shift in the energy.


Santa Barbara

I’ve been sleeping upstairs in my newly named ‘Goddess Lair’ and loving it. Truly magical. Everything you touch turns to Gold.


Long Beach

Shui-ing & Shifting, with you as the little voice in my head: What Would Meghan Do?  Feeling the space we cleared coming back as precious time for me.


Cap Beauty

Oh, Mistress of Clarity...  We're making the home we always wanted thanks to your magic!


Los Angeles

I became very connected to your divine offering and the gift you are actually giving goes far beyond feng shui - encompassing all that is poetic life flow, all that is raising vibration, all that is a required reflection - a way to both glimpse and create who you could be and who you TRULY ARE.

A huge influence, dear friend & support.  I advise you to hire her.  I did and she gave extraordinary advice.  I echoed everything she said under my breath, lest I forget, like, “save part of my closet for the lover who is about to show up…”  Happy transforming your temple with MWJ.

Loved!!!!  You are so great.  My little igniter.  You are super powerful in a tiny little bundle.



This work is manifold & visionary; elegant & efficient.  And, her language is utterly inspiring!

Thank you for helping me change my life!!  Everything is better!!



When I started working with MWJ, I couldn’t see my front door from behind the dead bushes and trees.  We immediately pruned.  Weeks later, my husband’s business received millions in investments.


Los Angeles

I have quickly found that Meghan’s work starts to take on a life of it’s own because it is so much fun.  The clarity is immediate and feels oh so good.

Meghan is a magical light who enters a room chock full of style, positivity and vision.  Grateful she came into my life to release old energies and beliefs I was holding onto.  Feeling lighter and clearer than I have in years… a wonderful gift towards my personal liberation!

MWJ infused my space and mind with her brand of practical and metaphysical feng shui.  After our Consultation, I was left with an action plan, the motivation and the emotional support to truly level up my space and in turn, my life.

You injected my home with new vitality, energy, inspiration, and more.  Your knowledge, experience and keen sense truly elevate space to the next level so that the home works for us in so many ways.

The work starts with what appears to be the tangible, physical realm but quickly dives into the deeper parts of how we feel about ourselves and who we are in the world.  It is deeply therapeutic.  As my physical surroundings transformed, so too did my life - on all levels.  I have now internalized the process and thankfully, there is no going back.

Thank you for a beautiful day together.  Your gift of grace, knowing, intelligence, and healing energy for yourself and others is light personified in you!  So glorious.  Can’t wait to work with you more.



I've never been accused of being a particularly spiritual person, but whatever Meghan has going on has some serious juju.  I suddenly started getting crazy amounts of work done, creative stuff that had been in the pipeline forever.  It was fucking bonkers.  Even the smallest suggestions were wise and commonsensicial, and I've consulted with her repeatedly since.  The only drawback, ladies and gentlemen: she's addictive.


Los Angeles

Okay, so that felt like a week in Barcelona.


La Jolla

Meghan is an artist in her own right.  From the moment she enters your space you are made to fell truly special and you can sense that the experience will not be a mediocre one.  My basic daily household routines now feel less like tasks and more like ritual.

This was the sacred key I needed to unlock the next chapter of my life.  I finally stepped up to my fears and launched my company!  I met my life partner and moved!  And I created a healthy boundary in my family systems.  I am forever grateful!



Los Angeles

Meghan is the stylish, white witch you didn’t know you desperately needed until she shows up at your home with her wicker basket full of ceremonial goodies to cleanse your space post-transforming it.  Trust me - working with her will open up and clear out not just your home, but your mind and your heart.



Los Angeles

Meghan helped me love every inch of my home.  She notices the little things that are so simple to change and make a tremendous difference on how we connect with our space, on how our space inspires our life.


Los Angeles

Meghan took a small, once seemingly helpless room, and breathed life into it; it now signifies the expression of my new direction.


Los Angeles

Meghan opened up a flow in me, which has allowed me to continue what she started over the past year.  She opened up an awareness in me; if you truly embrace this level of awareness, it is utterly empowering and will transform every part of your life.


Los Angeles

Meghan brings an aesthetic eye and artistic expression to every detail of her work.


Eat Naked

Twice I was reluctant to move my baby’s sleeping arrangements and twice I trusted Meghan’s wisdom and counsel.  In both cases baby thrived, we all got more sleep and our family rhythm moved at a beautiful new pace.  I am forever grateful.


Los Angeles

Meghan kindly, efficiently, and with good humor, recommended changes that were hugely successful for me, spurring me on to do some creative work I have wished to do for a long time.  Everyone who visits me comments on how peaceful my home is.


Los Angeles

Meghan came into my home giving me practical tools to make the most of each space.  She encouraged me to switch my daughters’ rooms and in that small, but monumental decision, BOTH my daughters began sleeping through the night on a regular basis.  Meghan's insight and sensibility are invaluable.



Meg had me take my dress form to my studio; a lone woman with pins in her body isn’t great for a Love Corner.  My sex life improved immediately; a past lover took me to Berlin and brought me tulips in bed.


Los Angeles

My session with Meghan was a game changer: my man proposed, I said goodbye to my tiny apartment and the rest is modern history...



I feel like my heart just went back into my chest.  It's not exposed anymore.  So much peace.