A Salt Burn is an effective and enjoyable way to clear the energy in a space, provided you have an aptitude & respect for open flame, ventilation to allow the negative energy to exit and most vitally, common sense.

Ideal for a ‘new to you’ space.

Also ideal for an energetic reset in an area of your home where discord or an accident has transpired.

Also ideal for cleansing a particular gua, such as LOVE... after a break⚡︎up, for example.

Also ideal for a meditation: alight and meditate on the flame until it dissipates.

In summary: IDEAL.


  • Epsom Salt, Unscented

  • High Proof Alcohol: Bacardi 151, Everclear... or even Rubbing Alcohol

  • Tap Water


  • Medium, Shallow Bowl

  • Heat Resistant Ramekin or Cup

  • Matches

  • Fire Retardant Blanket or Fire Extinguisher

  • Optional: Cutting Board


  • Establish your intention for the Salt Burn; internalize and / or vocalize

  • Set the stage for the Salt Burn by clearing the selected area of fire hazards; have a fire extinguisher close

  • Open a nearby window; this is the exit route for bad vibes

  • Fill the medium, shallow bowl with a bit of lukewarm water

  • Place the water bowl either directly on the ground or upon a cutting board

  • Place the ramekin or cup inside the water bowl

  • Hold your cupped palm angling into the cup, and slowly pour the Epsom salt into your open palm, which gently cascades into the cup; this brings your energy into the equation

  • Fill the cup halfway to two-thirds, no higher

  • Pour the alcohol over the salt, so that it just covers the salt; recite a prayer or mantra while you pour 

  • Light a match and with care, place into the soupy mix; keep your face / hair away

  • The size of the flame will correlate with the intensity of the energy being cleared; so cool

  • Sit Back & Enjoy

  • Stay Present, in all senses


  • When the flame self extinguishes, let the setup cool to the touch

  • Dispose of the salt in your garden, or in an outside trash can; no remnants inside

  • Wash the dishes; dry and store for another Salt Burn

  • Enjoy the resulting serenity