Thank you for being here, thank you for reading this, thank you for exploring feng shui.  The fact that an ancient Chinese art form is both my muse and my shepherd delights me.  Life is beautifully humorous when you commit to taking each divinely guided next step.  As a dedicated seeker, nothing has transformed my life quite like feng shui.  Space to Feel.  Connecting the root chakra’s primal need for security with the crown’s innate ability to communicate with the cosmos… to be fully aligned is to be kismet.  Wellness is the new luxury.

Energy exchange is intimate, requiring trust and vulnerability.  We go so deep.  I treat our co-creation with utmost reverence.  Hence this word of mouth consultancy; the interconnection is vital.  The mutual courting prior to booking your feng shui melds our energetics.

With my brand of modern feng shui, the only way through is through.  No masters touting sun catcher crystals here.  My clients sweat, cry, dance, fuck, laugh, drink, and philosophize their way through their shadows.  And I get into the trenches along side, offering support, moral and otherwise.  A serene home, a life in flow, is the byproduct of radical self acceptance, love and total integration.  I work in person between Los Angeles and New York, and remotely with clients the world over.

Intrigued?  Shall we begin?


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