Meghan Wallace James is the founder and creative visionary of her namesake’s consultancy, which reintroduces glamour and privacy into our modern experience through Feng Shui.  While society propagates self-broadcasting in a virtual world over self-realization in the physical world, James has developed a tailored yet pragmatic interpretation of this ancient art form to enable fewer yet more luxurious possessions, more beauty and more sex.

James’ work serves as a catalyst for those in quest of a proven approach to navigating core tenants of life: Love, Family, Purpose, Wealth, and Health. Clients credit her with providing an invaluable blueprint and distinctive transmission: the ability to manifest via home and wardrobe.  With gentle depth, James empowers refined growth and clarity, step by step, season by season, year by year.

Layering her childhood in an ongoing Victorian renovation, work experience as a manufacturing engineer-turned-fashion designer, and professional certifications in Eastern and Western Feng Shui, James has developed a portfolio of offerings.  Based in Los Angeles with her two young sons, she is an author, speaker and educator, connecting with a worldwide clientele.